Selected Poems in Portuguese

O sussurro da corda (the swoosh of the rope) is a selection of my poems, beautifully translated by Francisco José Craveiro de Carvalho, published by Eufeme in December 2018, and available here.

A selection of Haiku, in Portuguese translation

Here’s a link to a selection from Waveforms: Bull Island Haiku in Portuguese, translated by Francisco José Craveiro de Carvalho who has been an extraordinarily attentive reader and dedicated translator of my poems of late, and to whom I am immensely grateful.

Two Poems in Italian Translation

Two poems in Italian translation (‘A Dog’ / ‘Cane’ and ‘Still Life with Carrots’ / ‘Natura morta con carote’) over on the handsome new IrisNews website dedicated to international poetry in translation, run by the translator Chiara da Luca of Edizioni Kolibris. Here

3 Poems in Spanish Translation

My sincere thanks to Carlos Bruno Castañeda for giving these three poems a new life in Spanish.

A Man Is Only As Good, in Spanish

Here’s a Spanish translation of A Man Is Only As Good by Jorge Aulicino, accompanied by a painting of Federico II Gonzaga, c.1525, by Titian POEM